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CloudX Roofing is here to answer all your questions. Here are some of the most common ones.

What would prevent CloudX Roofing from making emergency roof repairs right now?

Our goal is to provide emergency roofing services, such as tarping and caulking where there is a hole in the roof or skylight, as promptly as possible.  However, we have to be able to complete emergency roof repairs safely.  If a roof is still wet, as it would be in a rainstorm, slick, or unsafe to access, the emergency repair would not be able to take place until the area needing the repair is safe to access. 

In situations where there has been a property fire, the property may be ‘sealed off’ or ‘restricted’ until released by officials.  The insurance carrier or fire officials may allow for emergency services to the roof, but permission has to 1) first be obtained and 2) the emergency repairs wouldn’t disturb the property or investigation.

Sometimes people call during a heavy rainstorm and water is physically coming into the property.  If the roof cannot be safely accessed, due to the presence of water on the shingles and/or lightning, the property owner should do their best to protect their property from further damage by catching water in an appropriate receptacle.  If the ceiling drywall is bowing from water accumulation, placing a large trash can under the center and creating a penetration in the bow, can relieve pressure and allow for relief of the water.  While not ideal, it is important to control the flow of water until the roof can be safely accessed and appropriately repaired.

I’m an engineer type and am interested in shingles that help keep your house cool. Where can I get more information on these products?

You can schedule a consultation by clicking on the ‘Schedule Me’ button to your right.  If you would just like information sent to you, please send us a message on Facebook, LinkedIn, or via email, and we can respond with the technical specifications on any and all products that you are interested in.

How can I pay for all or a portion of my roof project?

Best:  Cash Savings on hand, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), 401K loan, Credit Union/Bank financing, CloudX Roofing recommended industry financing. (Hearth)

Other: Credit Card, unsecured loan

Another roofer told me my roof and house would be better ventilated if I added ridge vent. Is this true?

Ventilation has a specific formula for success.  In order to keep the underside of the roof product from overheating, there has to be air coming into the attic space and being pulled along the backside of the roofing underlayment.  What pulls the cooler air up from the intake, is the charge from the exhaust.  If you put too much or not enough exhaust, the system will not work correctly.  Think about when you open windows at each end of your house to create fresh air flowing through. 

One type of exhaust system is the ridge vent.  When a roofing company calculates roofing materials for your home, they should be able to calculate, through manufacturer provided conversions, the amount of linear footage of ridge vent needed.  Subsequently, this will also help them determine how much intake is needed (soffit vents). 

There cannot be competing exhaust systems per area!  If there is an undivided attic space area of your roof, and you have two types of roof exhaust (let’s say turbines and ridge vent), the system is actually competing.  Cooler air is entering through the turbines, and exiting through the ridge vent meaning that a vast majority of the roof (all of the roof below the turbines), is not experiencing the flow of cooler air underneath it.  The neglected area of the roof will not be ventilated correctly and will fail prematurely.  In the area experiencing competing exhaust, the area may actually wear even faster depending if the air entering the turbines is hot or very warm (note that the air will probably not be cool or optimal because of the location of the turbine on the roof).

To make matters worse, lack of proper ventilation can void even basic manufacturer warranties.  If you are interviewing other roofing companies, quiz the roofer on ventilation.  This is an extremely important component of the roof system.

Can we put a metal roof on instead of shingles?

Yes.  Pricing on metal roofing will vary dependent on the market prices for aluminum and steel.  Other factors that will dictate pricing are thickness of the metal, the style of the metal roof, and the choices of underlayment and insulators. 

Oddly enough, we must also be cautious in choosing the reflectivity or finish of the metal in areas where there is dedicated airspace.  This can interfere with air traffic.  (Includes metal and white flat roofing products; generally used in commercial or industrial applications.)

A property owner will generally not have to worry about load change issues when going from a shingle roof to a metal roof.

What will my new roof cost?

The cost of your roof will vary depending on the size and steepness of your roof.  It will also depend on the materials and products you choose.  If insurance is involved, your cost will be your deductible and any upgrades you may choose.

I love Spanish tiles and slate. I currently have a home with a shingled roof. Can I change my roof to Spanish tile or slate?

This is a possibility.  However, CloudX Roofing would never replace a shingle roof with a substantially heavier product without involving and obtaining permission and recommendations/approval from a structural engineer.  With the added load weight to the structure, an engineer might recommend reinforcing the load-bearing walls, which could translate into significant remodeling and dollar signs. 

If this is not ideal, but the property owner still wants the tile or slate look, there are several products that can be installed.  These products have the look of tiles, slate, and even wood shake, but are lighter products than true tile or slate and would not require the involvement of an engineer or an expensive interior remodel.

I am buying a house. The home inspection came back and says there is damage to the roof requiring repairs. My realtor recommended Rehab Roofing. Would you all take a look?

Congratulations on buying the new home!  This is where the water gets dicey.  Since you do not yet own the home, we would not be getting on the roof.  We are willing to view the inspection report and the roof from the edge of the roof without getting on it and provide a recommendation to you.

Here is what is occurring.  The roof can be further damaged by increased traffic.    Footfall damage to shingles is very common in the heat of the summer in both Arizona and Texas.  If the real estate deal goes south, suddenly Rehab Roofing can find itself in the middle of a lawsuit and with claims that we purposely damaged the roof for financial gain (getting a roof repair or replacement after the property transitions).  While this has not happened to Rehab Roofing, this has happened more times than not in prior experiences.  We wouldn’t want to open the doors of liability to you or ourselves.  Should you complete the purchase of the home, having agreed to perform roof repairs or replacement at your own expense, we will be happy to help you.

In our opinion, here is what should happen… this should not be construed as legal advice.  Prior to any decision, you will want to discuss your options and potential consequences with your Realtor and/or attorney.  Once the inspection report is received, at least the portion of the report concerning the roof, should be provided to the seller/seller representative.  While the goal is to keep the seller from doing repairs, areas of significance should be addressed by the seller.  Areas of significance can include HVAC, plumbing, electrical, foundation, and roofing.  Any item that would keep the property from being financed or insured immediately after the closing (albeit cash deals, flips, etc.), are items that the seller should address. 

If there is insurance covered damage, say hail damage to the roof, whereby the hail damage occurred during the ownership under the seller, their insurance would be primary.  It is much cleaner, faster, and less complicated for the seller to make a claim under their own policy while they still own the property.  This avoids having to get the insurance carrier to agree to an assignment of benefits to the new owner. 

While the claims process may delay contract dates and closing, it is well worth getting a roof on the home that will pass appraisal and insurability guidelines. 

Should you want to choose your own roofer or materials, you may want to negotiate with the seller to see if the insurance carrier will agree to an assignment of benefits.  This will only work if the lender is okay with the terms, is FHA complaint per current FHA appraisal guidelines, and if insurance can be purchased, even temporarily, until the buyer (YOU) can have the roof replaced.  See the complications? 

Again, this is an opinion only and should not be construed as a hard and fast rule or law or legal advice.

Insurance Questions

Will you cover my insurance deductible?


Why does CloudX Roofing not help its customers with their deductibles?

Several reasons.  First, we are a business.  In order to be here in a few years, should I customers need warranty coverage, we have to operate as a business.  Some deductibles are very high and would not allow us to cover operating expenses.  Second, it is illegal for a roofing company to state they will ‘help you with your deductible,’ are actually committing insurance fraud by telling the insurance carrier that they have in fact collected the deductible.  This is where insurance fraud occurs.  Reason 2.5 is that we do not participate in insurance fraud.  Consider this: If a roofer is willing to steal from the insurance company, would you really trust that company around and in your property?  Would you trust their roofing crews?  If a company is willing to lie to the insurance company, what shortcuts to cut costs are being taken ON YOUR ROOF?  What lies are you also being told? 

At CloudX Roofing, we are not willing to lie, cheat, or steal just to earn an extra customer.  This is a very short-sighted business perspective.  Our business strategy is to build long and well-established relationships with you, your family, and your friends so that we can be called on for any roof repair or roof project.  

Your website says that you will help me with my deductible. Based on the answers above, just how will you help me?

Great question.  We run specials and discounts from time to time.  These are discounts that will be provided to you.  We do not hide these discounts from the insurance carrier nor do we transpose the cost of the discount onto the insurance carrier.

Additionally, we will work with you to show you how to afford your deductible and any upgrades you may choose.

As a property owner, 2-3% of the property’s value should be saved or placed back into the property on an annual basis for maintenance, upkeep, and upgrades.  If you haven’t been doing this, start saving now and thank us later! 

Why is my insurance deductible so high?

This section is applicable to both the Phoenix and Texas markets.  Texas deductibles are 1% and 2% (some even greater) of the total policy coverage amount.  For example; If your home is insured for $300,000 and you have a 1% wind/hail deductible, that means your deductible would be $3,000 for damages resulting from a wind or hail storm.  On this value of a home, let’s assume the roof replacement total would be anywhere from $12-15K to replace, you’d be responsible for paying $3,000 of that to the roofing company performing the repairs. The total insurance payout would be 9-12K respectively, and where applicable.  We say where applicable because it is important for consumers to understand that there is only insurance coverage for roofs in specific circumstances; for the types of losses the policy covers (perils). 

We have become very spoiled in Texas in that, as homeowners, we believe that we wait to replace our roof when a wind or hail storm occurs.  This practice has become a losing proposition for insurance carriers to be able to have profitable years.  Some carriers have even stopped writing policies in Texas which is bad for us because it decreases competition.  By waiting for insurance covered losses for a property owner to act, and because of the number of catastrophic losses in our state, Texans have experienced increases in insurance premiums, increases in deductibles for these types of losses, and Actual Cash Value only policies, which I describe elsewhere. 

In Phoenix, and Texans need to pay attention to this section as well, deductibles are generally not broken out for wind and hail losses because the loss frequencies of these perils are much less than we experience in Texas.  Phoenicians do sometimes utilize insurance for roof repairs and replacement, but there is a higher concentration of property owners that understand the property is only as strong as its roof and foundation.  The roof occasionally needs to be replaced because of age, wear and tear, sun damage, and other types of situations whereby insurance cannot be relied upon.  This is the essence of homeownership. 

No Texans, I am not putting us down… however, we have been spoiled in the past by always relying on the insurance carrier to replace our roof every 7-8 years when the shingles have become brittle and then boom, the hail storm hits.  We don’t fault anyone for using their insurance when it can and is utilized but are explaining how we have gotten to such high deductibles and why, from a business sense, we cannot offer to cover the deductible for property owners. 

Will you submit my insurance claim for me?

No.  While CloudX Roofing would like to provide this service as a customer service element, insurance laws do not allow this.  The policy you purchased provides first-party coverage to you whereby, we are a third party.  The insurance company will require that certain questions be answered by you.  Financial laws also prevent them from releasing specific information to third parties. 

Some roofing companies provide customers with ‘authorization.’  This is an extremely old form/tactic and does not change the way the insurance company has to operate.  It can actually create hostility with the insurance carrier and frustrate your adjuster.  This could result in unnecessary delays in your roofing project.

Once I submit the claim, will you work with my insurance carrier?

Yes and no.  We will be fully cooperative with the insurance carrier and send over invoices or other requested information at your or their request.  However, no third party in either Arizona or Texas can represent you to your insurance carrier except an attorney or Public Adjuster.  While we have years and years of insurance experience, our business is roofing and we will not act to represent any party.

It is important for our customers to know that insurance proceeds may be one method to assist you in paying for your roof.  However, your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance carrier.  Ultimately, you will be required to pay for your roof as outlined in your contract with us.

In Texas and Georgia (other states as well), there are companies that provide ladder assists for the insurance adjuster’s inspection.  We do not provide our ladders for adjusters or climb on adjusters ladders (due to the associated liabilities).  Therefore, we are happy to meet the adjuster and be present at the time of inspection, but only to be of assistance and create rapport.  We will not argue with the adjuster or ladder assist personnel.

I have the estimate from my insurance adjuster but do not want to provide it to Rehab Roofing. I want to see if I can get a better price and save this money. Why are you asking for my insurance estimate?

Apples to apples, our estimate, and pricing will be in-line with the insurance carriers’ pricing.  As a party to an insurance contract, you are not supposed to profit from an insurance loss.  Therefore, it is important to release the estimate to us.  Your cost will be your deductible.  Please see the other questions regarding the deductibles below.

We will compare the information we obtain through our own estimating of the information in your insurance estimate.  We will identify any discrepancies that you will need to be addressed with your insurance carrier prior to signing our contract.  This will protect you from coming out of pocket more than your deductible and selected upgrades.

For example, suppose there is an error in measurements that results in a difference of $1,000.00 more to you.  This error will cost us money in labor and materials, and will, therefore, cost you money.  This is why it is important to allow us to identify these issues prior to contract signing and work beginning.


Shopping for a roof had been intimidating… imagine me, a military spouse with two little ones and a baby bump, going into a mechanic shop. Yep, interviewing roofing companies felt the same way. Then a friend recommended Rehab Roofing (CloudX Roofing). They took the time to educate me on roofing, the importance of the roof, and its performance in regard to my home and energy efficiency and made me feel comfortable with the overall process. I am so glad I found them.

Fort Worth, TX


They did an outstanding job taking out our 45 yr old tiles, replacing the rotted wood, and installing beautiful brand new shingles. A job well done!! Thank you!

Mindy & Mike
Phoenix, Arizona


They did a great job with our roof. Very professional and cleaned up well afterward. We were very happy with the work. Also, their bid was very competitive with the 4 other bids we got. Randall (project manager) always responded to my phone calls or texts. The only issue was it took a little longer than expected as we had them install some sun tubes that were delayed at the distributor. Other than that, we would hire them again.

Phoenix, Arizona

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